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Launching the success of MCC Films was the 16mm film OUR HERO, which was written and directed by Glenn McCabe and James McCauley.  The film features a stellar cast including Matt Malloy (In the Company of Men, Armageddon, As Good as it Gets, Changing Lanes), Frank Senger (Maximum Risk), MCC Films executive partner James McCauley and many other talented actors who round out the cast.
The film is filled with action and comedy as it tells the story of a writer who denies his artistic convictions and, as a result, catapults the films hero into a series of action disasters.  The film, while entertaining, explores the themes of the choices we make and the prices we pay.
The film has been honored with the First Place Audience Choice Award at Film Fest New Haven, the Bronze Award at Worldfest Houston, a Telly Award, Honorable Mention at the New Orleans Film Fest and a Merit Award from the Writer/ Film fest.
The film secured distribution with Forefront Films in Manhattan and enjoyed sales to Canal Plus Poland and Orbit Satellite TV Italy.  The film received it's internet premiere on
Although under series development consideration for a time by the USA Network, domestic and international series rights are currently available through MCC Films with four episode treatments already completed. 
*DVD copies of 'OUR HERO' available upon request.  Serious inquiries only please.
REVIEWS: Glenn McCabe/James McCauley MCC Films 16mm color Review: Walter Mitty-esque adventures of a fictional book hero whose creator, a down-on-his-luck writer, tries to excite his publisher with increasingly grandiose action plots. Eventually, the hero crosses the divide to enact revenge on his master. Panel Notes: Funny and clever. Good cartoon style to fantasy sections. Cleanly shot and paced. Feature-length potential ( Film Fest / Merit Award) - Our Hero is an interesting and humorous short film that tells the story of a novelist who once had a best-selling book, but hasn't been published recently and is down on his luck. He meets with his publisher at a restaurant, and begins weaving various storylines trying to win the publisher's approval. The storylines are acted out onscreen. Early on they play as action-oriented drama, but then take a humorous turn toward spoof and maybe even fantasy or fairy tale. There are some nice action scenes, such as "our hero" getting dragged along while handcuffed alongside a runaway car in the first "storyline", about a government agent trying to infiltrate a gang of drug smugglers. The next scene, set in medieval times, begins with "our hero" setting out to free the princess from the evil sorcerer - with the steering wheel from the previous car crash scene still handcuffed to his arm! The next scene, where "our hero" is a commando, is no less "action packed" or humorous. The story takes a very unusual twist at this point, with "our hero" bursting out of the imagination of the novelist and into the restaurant where the novelist is pitching his story ideas to his publisher. I won't give the rest of the story away, but it is kind of a humorous sci-fi turn that has overtones almost reminiscent of an old "Outer Limits" or "Twilight Zone" episode. This interesting and entertaining short has some lofty goals, such as illustrating the dangers of "selling out" one's true self for crass commercialism, but I think that is probably lost on most audiences. It's enough that's it remains interesting and entertaining throughout its run time and provides a few laughs along the way. Our Hero, MCC Films directed by Glenn McCabe and James McCauley written by James McCauley and Glenn McCabe produced by Ben Prayz starring: Matt Malloy James McCauley Frank Senger David Troupe Paul Damato [ Back to Film List ]









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Current Opportunity
Fall has arrived once again in the small New England town where at the local high school the Cross-Country team prepares for another rite of Fall, the upcoming race season.  The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and everything seems right.  There is little sign the Harriers are about to face their most challenging season ever. 
From Glenn McCabe, the acclaimed screenwriter of 'Transition' and co-writer of 'Our Hero', comes a story about friends, coming of age, ordinary heroes and the purification of sport. 
The film promises to introduce you to new friends.  Sometimes they will make you cry, sometimes you'll stand and cheer..and when the finish line is reached, you'll find the race was all worthwhile.
For further information on the background of this project, please visit the 'coming attractions' section of this site.

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Special DVD edition of 'OUR HERO' coming soon!

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