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Thoughts on the film 'Harriers' from Writer/Director Glenn McCabe

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There are a handful of things that draw investors to a project.  Story, marketability, commitment of the filmmakers to name just a few.  In the development of 'Harriers', I have drawn on my own experiences and involvement in one of the oldest and purest of sports, Cross-Country racing.
Just as 'Rocky' was not about boxing, 'Breaking Away' about bicycle racing, or 'Hoosiers' about basketball, 'Harriers' is not 'about' the sport of  Cross-Country.  It does however, use the sport as a canvas upon which to tell the story, rewarding those familiar with the sport with all the intensity and grit they expect, while also offering all the human drama and comedy that will draw the wider audience.
The story unfolds during a fall season in New England, with a high school team of Cross-Country runners, or 'Harriers', at it's foundation.  As the story develops, we delve into the relationships of this 'band of brothers', following the entire team through their rites of passage.  This is not another teen comedy, or high school story where sex is represented as the entire teen universe.  The characters in 'Harriers' have, well, character.  Many of the situations and characters are familiar to the audience.  Eric, the new kid and misfit, Steve, the wise ass who's pain runs much deeper than his friends know, Greg the cocky hotshot and others.  Together, along with coaches Marty Rogers and Jim Eagan, this team of underdogs will journey through the seasons challenges as they deal with girlfriends, the threat of the disbanding of the team, an alcoholic parent, bullies, loss and much more.  These challenges are met with equally compelling heroics, giving the audience a team to get behind and cheer for.
Shot against the backdrop of New England in the fall, the film will take advantage of the unique flavor and colors of the changing seasons.  This will present countless opportunities for the Cinematographer to exploit the natural environment and complement  the story.
As far as marketability goes, the MCC Films team is fully aware of that while our films have an independent voice, our products must be commercially viable.  Who are we making this for and how can it be sold are chief considerations when developing product.
In the case of 'Harriers', the sport base offers the most obvious core audience.  According to the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), running is the fastest growing sport in the country.  A NSGA survey revealed that participation in running has increased by 7.6 percent from 2000 to 2001 with 24.5 million participants.  With well over a million subscribers to the top running periodicals, the audience is there, and easily reached through grass roots marketing and direct PR through the running community.  In 2008, all the major running periodicals offered cover photos and multiple stories of the international Cross-Country scene.  This community is large, close knit, and international. 
The potential for product awareness through magazine articles, shoe tie-ins, store promos, product placement etc. is vast when handled properly.
Unlike football and baseball movies which consistently underperform with the international audience, Cross-Country is popular overseas, especially in Ireland, England and throughout Europe.  This familiarity offers a base audience on which to build beyond domestic shores.
In addition to the core audience, the recent deluge of low brow teen comedies has left the market ripe for product that treats teen characters with depth and intelligence.  The box office drop off for these films speak for themselves.
Reaching beyond the sport and teen audience, the universal themes and underdog nature of the story, should be conducive to drawing a wide audience and demographic to the film. 
Glenn McCabe
Executive Partner
MCC Films
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